HD Telescope 1.0


High Definition Telescope

High Definition is the telescope. When you touch the screen with zoom and auto focus function will be shown clearly. The quality of the camera phones that support will be extended to the screen. When you do this, use = = 1. Baseball, football, basketball, football, ice hockey, ice figure skating ice dance, pork, tipcat, scarecrow, tug of war, my daughter or son's (daughter in front of sexist controversy Will they wish) undonghoenal bakteotteurigi when watching sports, etc. 2. Bathing, swimming pool, naked girl bikini on the beach when a man watching samgakppansseu (sex discrimination controversy Will they write the first woman, the man sucks the fat off triangular jeokeoteum) Do not use. 3. GLORIA class while listening to the words on the board 4. During your exam answer sheet of a friend as well GLORIA 5. When you want to be a pirate king or a pirate queen (Pirate Queen Will they also debated gender Adds) 6. His girlfriend is so pretty and cute, even right next to me when you want to see a larger Never 7. I see her boyfriend, pretty much stump Yun Won Bin, Kang Dong Won is right next to me, even when a larger Never miss a part of this application suikgeumjung the Republic of Korea to the development of sports industry to contribute little to the cost of the developer pool is used. (120 Floppy four ... but three managed to come to mayikyu dong jalchim possible war, jukppangeun real face instead of a bunch of money .. I'll be right instead of right jukppangeuro ... .. a crock and there'll naegina jjangkke Keke) applications for questions or anal hair removal questions or information, or to being unemployed jjangguna huindungyina malborona destroyers or Mother's Day flowers to your parents or anyone who did more than motdalahdeurin ttekkin hyojason please contact us. Ideas, often drinking at work saengmakgeolrireul kkeneun Credits will be presented. kakao talk: sonjoy e-mail: sonjoy83@gmail.com

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